Spectra is a diversity & inclusion and strategic communications partner

We work with leading organisations and institutions

Those who want to increase diversity and inclusivity

Not only in their workforce but in society

We do this by designing and delivering D&I programmes

And producing compelling original content


About Us

Spectra exists to create a society where opportunity and achievement are open to everyone.

Spectra is a social value agency 

Our aim is to break down structural barriers to opportunities, for both organisations and their employees, to help them collectively fulfil their potential.

We champion social change to create lasting social equity as we believe people want to study and work at places that do good in the world.


Work with us to make your organisation a force for good.

Developing your social values

Translating organisational values, expertise and policies into an actionable Social Value Mission.

Facilitating public and private sector partnerships

Enabling a stronger community commitment by facilitating partnerships with relevant organisations.

Recruitment and retention

Building agile and tailored recruitment and retention processes for your organisation.


Training your teams to mentor, coach and support new and existing employees.

Diversity and inclusion programmes

We design and deliver innovative programmes that enable organisations and education institutions to be more diverse and inclusive at all levels.

Creating new ventures

Creating new commercial ventures that are underpinned by mutual social values.



We utilise strategic reform to create meaningful and lasting change.


Spectra adopts an empathetic approach to collaboration, in order to uncover your organisation’s current culture.


Our team will define a strategy for change that includes a tailored roadmap to aid implementation.


We deliver the programmes that will change the organisation – this is the operational core of the process.


Our evaluation process includes progress check-ins and key measurables that are woven into the Delivery phase.