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Jamie Oliver's Innovations

Jamie Oliver is the best selling non-fiction author in UK history and is globally recognised for his skill as a chef and his promotion of healthy eating.

But from early in his career, Oliver has used his position to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In 2002, aged 27, he set up the restaurant, Fifteen, which is still recognised as a pioneering for its training and employment of young homeless and unemployed people.


Spectra adopts an empathetic approach to collaboration, in order to uncover your organisation’s current culture.

It is essential that an early trust environment is established to ensure honest and open input to our listening process.

Spectra’s empathetic approach helps to establish a trusted rapport not only with the decision-makers in your organisation but with all levels of employees.

This inclusive ‘getting to know you’ phase informs a full diagnosis of your current culture and demographics, allowing us to develop the groundwork for a strategic reform.


Our team will define a strategy for change that includes a tailored roadmap to aid implementation.

No two organisations are the same or face the same challenges.

Therefore, our cultural diagnosis from the Discover phase is embedded into the design of your tailored roadmap – keeping the mission central in preparation for a robust delivery.


We deliver the programmes that will change the organisation – this is the operational core of the process.

The action plan that we deliver is a bespoke, focussed model to enable firm implementation and sustainability.

Collectively with the data gathered and the technology utilised, our model includes stages of reflection and periodic review.

These touch-points enable regular assessment and fine-tuning.


Our evaluation process includes progress check-ins and key measurables that are woven into the Delivery phase.

Systematic review and regular refinement ingrained into the delivery stage assist in augmenting the implementation process.

While key measures that are set within the action plan evaluate the success of your organisation’s reform.

 Our end-aim is for a smooth exit strategy, leaving you with a sustainable, reformed culture that enables your organisation to flourish independently.