We champion social change to create lasting social equity.

Muhammad Ali's Stance

Muhammad Ali was world heavyweight champion at 22 years-old.

But between 25-28 years-old he was stripped of this title, banned from boxing and had no income from sport after refusing to fight for then USA in the Vietnam War.

He is pictured here with young people near his parents’ house in Louisville Kentucky.


Spectra exists to create a society where opportunity and achievement are open to everyone.

Spectra is a social value agency

Our aim is to break down structural barriers to opportunities, for both organisations and their teams, to help them collectively fulfil their potential.

We champion social change to create lasting social equity as we believe people want to study and work at places that do good in the world.


Our aim is to support under-served young people to fulfil their potential in education and vocation.

Supporting young people

Our own social value policy is to commit a percentage of our profits each year to supporting underserved young people.

We call this ‘sponsorship’ and it includes a holistic package, according to the needs of each young person, ranging from support with accommodation, transport, and daily provisions, to education, training, mentoring and employability costs.

We regularly review our social value policy and will keep it updated here.


Spectra is not a charity but we are not driven by profit.

Spectra culture is built on empathy

Our team includes people with backgrounds in learning & development, law, higher education, cultural strategy, marketing and agile project management.

While we accommodate different working styles and patterns as much as possible, our core culture is centred on empathy.